Doncaster 1 Forest 1 This is not a match report

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July 22, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

It’s no good me going on about last night’s pre-season get-together, I wasn’t there. “Some bloke” for Donnie scored, then the Billy Whizz that is Chris Burke scored a kind-of worldy, as we like to say these days. From the 17 seconds of Vine stuff I saw last night, it seems to me very reminiscent of the goal he scored at the beginning of last season against Blackpool, which he has a penchant for doing now-and-again – albeit there was a lack of running stuff before he scored that one.


Anyway, various substitutions ensued, Little Bennie Osborn went off with a worrying shoulder injury and Dimi Evtimov got to play the full 90. From the various twitter feeds I was following it seems the display was a bit more disjointed than the Stevenage run out but Mr Dougie was happy and quite frankly that’s good enough for me.


Various “shouters” (I’m now adopting this nomenclature when referring those on twitter that can’t really see beyond the end of their noses) posited that Antonio refused to play and was going to sign for West Brom, while others seem to reckon the reason we’re not getting our season tickets is because Fawaz hasn’t paid the printers. I’d like to tell them to jog-on, but that would really be an exercise in futility – some people just seem to need something to “shout” about.


I must be one of the few that isn’t “ITK” with regards to stuff about The Mighty Reds. I’ve found myself routinely searching the twitter term “#nffc” over the last week or so to see if I can filter out any crumb of interesting info about the team I love. Once again, it’s verging on an exercise in futility, but I can’t help myself.

I don’t really mind who we sign (within reason), on loan or permanently – clearly within the constraints of a FFP embargo. I don’t hold a UEFA A Licence, so I’m pretty sure our management team know what they’re doing. I’ve stopped reading forums and kicked the rumour site habit way back before the start of last season. The stuff on them is truly tiresome and I don’t want any bad vibes bringing me down from my eternal optimism.


From the few photos I saw of last night’s match, we’re still looking resplendent in yellow and I got my red and gold home top in the post today, so all is right with the world. I’m off to the City Ground on Saturday to see how we fare against Swansea and I’ll be sitting in the seat I’ve got for the whole season. I can have a good nose at who’s sitting in the director’s box, watch the goings on in both dug-outs and revel in my team sweeping aside Premiership opposition. I’m in Garibaldi Red heaven and no number of “shouters” can dislodge my Garibaldi Tinted Spectacles. COME ON YOU REDS!!!


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