Forest 3 Walsall 4 – League Cup 1st Round

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August 13, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

Better late to the party than never I suppose. I’ve already written a “proper” match report for the lovely people over at hence the lateness of my entry. I’d like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their excellent website.

So yes, I was there. You’ll have to click on the link above to read something that resembles a report on the actual match. I’m not going to be lazy enough to repost that. Instead, I’ll just cover a few things that I learnt from my Tuesday evening at the City Ground.

  • The lady and gentleman (sorry I don’t know their names) in Relish on Pavilion Road are very nice people and their Pork and Stuffing cob is definitely in the top one.


  • Their cob plus a cup of Bovril are the best way to set yourself up for anything that happens on the pitch.


Now, please believe me when I tell you I have my Garibaldi Tinted Spectacles firmly in place before proceeding to read the next bit. I love our club, honest. I think I’ll start at the back and go from there.

  • Dorus De Vries is better than that. He made one mistake all night that cost us a goal, but apart from that he can hold his head high. I like Dorus and his shouty ways.
  • I also like Danny Fox, but even I have to admit he didn’t exactly have his best game. His beard, however, is still magnificent.

Fox Walsall

  • Are the same people who buggered up the paperwork for the Ben Hamer loan sorting out the international clearance for Daniel Panillos?
  • The Eric Lichaj playing for us at the moment is an imposter. One would suggest it’s Dan Harding after plastic surgery. He can play at right back. I know this as I saw it with my own eyes at Spurs in the cup last season. I used to like him, but have gone off him a bit after he did an interview when he signed for Eastleigh FC.


  • Our back four seem to have forgotten that the season has actually started.
  • Matt Mills was our best performing defender at the game.
  • Michael Mancienne is NOT a defensive midfielder.
  • David Vaughan is a poor man’s Gary Gardner.
  • Jamie Paterson isn’t interested in playing football professionally.
  • Chris Burke may have lost a yard or two in his dotage, but flipping hell does he work his socks off. He was left woefully unsupported by the imposter calling himself Eric.


  • Jamie Ward must be wondering what he’s signed up for. He’s played two competitive games so far and shown more desire than a lot of other players that have graced the Garibaldi for a lot longer.
  • He’s also been unfortunate to be substituted in both of those games.
  • Tyler Walker is one of our own and can do no wrong. He showed some sublime touches and bagged his first senior goal at home. He’s only going to get better.


  • Dex put himself about a bit – that’s his M.O. – but never really looked like scoring. I like Dex.
  • Dex never really looked like scoring because everybody kept giving the ball to Michail Antonio.
  • I’ve never seen 15 minutes of football like that once Michail Antonio took to the pitch.
  • Michail Antonio can walk on water.
  • Michail Antonio has shoulders broad enough to carry the whole team across the finish line. Except he forgot to tell Kelvin how big his shoulders are.

  • Oliver Burke has a physique that’s almost as impressive as Michail Antonio’s.
  • Oliver Burke was hidden in the shadow if Michail Antonio when he came onto the pitch.
  • I’d like to see a sprint between Oliver and Michail. I think it would be close.


  • Mr Dougie wasn’t very happy in his post-match interview on BBC Radio Nottingham. I’d provide a link but in a couple of weeks time it will be a dead link and if you’re reading this report in the future it won’t work. Also, if you are reading this report in the future, can you please give me a set of winning lottery numbers and let me know how many more managers Fawaz has sacked?


Phew. That’s a lot of bullet points. It’s just as well I broke it up with some piccys to make you have to scroll even further to the end of the post.

I’m off to write a little piece about Twitter now. I’m also off the see us hammer Rotherham on Saturday.



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