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August 13, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

Twitter is like the crack version of the internet. Once it grabs hold of you – that little white spy glass in the upper right corner aching to be used – it’s difficult to pull yourself away. The grey dialogue box at the top will coerce us to “Search Twitter” and we can no more help ourselves type in #nffc than we can stop our bodies needing food for sustenance.

Gone are the days when we didn’t know who the Chairman of our beloved club was. Social Media can be a blessing and a curse. The immediacy of “proper” news is what I really like, but let’s be honest, 98% of the stuff on our Twitter timelines is just noise. And that noise reached new heights this week courtesy of rumours regarding the sale/ non-sale of Henri Lansbury, that result in the cup and this:

barton tweetWhy The Face?!? you ask (it’s a Season 1 Episode 1 Modern Family reference. You should check it out). Well, that was my reaction anyway. And it seems that desperate times call for desperate fans to call for desperate measures. In all honesty I’m not a Joseph Barton fan, but I can see the logic. Even through my Garibaldi Tinted Spectacles. Desperation is really not a word that can be used this early in the season. I’m one of those “give it time” fans. I’m able to see the positives in most things. And one thing Mr Barton will bring to the table is committment – like it or not.

As for one of our “best player”, well if he doesn’t want to stick around for the fight, we’re better off chopping the wages from the bill. No hard feelings Henri. If you wish to move to pastures new I shall bid you adieu and wish you well. Your beard isn’t/ wasn’t as magnificent as Danny Fox’s but you are/ were worthy of the Garibaldi.


I saw Adrian Bevington in the Director’s Box on Tuesday night. Goodness knows what was going through his mind when watching the game. Or what goes through his mind when he logs into his Twitter account. Here’s hoping he gently puts his hand over Mr Al Hasawi’s smart phone screen and utters “No, Fawaz.” Twitter is not the sphere for people running, or helping to run, football clubs, whether you’re addicted to the medium or not. It’s best to leave it to the “shouters” and concentrate on the more important stuff.

If you’re interested in adding to the 98% noise, then by all means follow me It’ll mostly be positive, occasionally amusing, not very informative and profanity free. I’ll tweet from the home matches before the whistle, at half time and after the full-time whistle, but only if it warrants and when network connections allow. It’s pretty easy when there’s 5,237 in attendance, less so when it’s over 20,000.

I’m off to see us beat Rotherham on Saturday. Are you coming? I’m a Forest fan. I love our club.



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