Twitter. Again. This is not a match report…

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August 19, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

…I’ll be doing one of those in a while. But, as with anything related to Social Media, I thought I’d get this out there first before something else happens.

The burning question from last night – even before a ball was kicked – was NOT “what’s happening with the Lansbury deal?” but rather “where’s Antonio?“.


We were all hoping for some kind of “slight knock”, but our worst fears were realised.


In his post-match interview, Mr Dougie told us that Antonio’s head “wasn’t in the right place” and so was not considered for the game. It’s a far cry from Henri’s attitude towards playing. That saga as been hanging over him for a while now and last night he put in his best performance of the season and turned to Twitter with this.


Whereas Antonio’s head has been turned by a couple of Championship clubs and he can’t possibly take to the field. As a fan, that’s disappointing. Horses for courses I suppose.

Then there’s the response from our own Fawaz.


And then this in response to a question from a Forest fan.


So, with the #nffc Twitter-sphere on official meltdown we can add this to the melting pot. With Jamie out for what seems like six weeks according to journalist Laure James…


…we could possibly turn to another “enforcer” for a good old bit of grit in the middle of the park (I know, Jamie doesn’t play in the middle of the park, but you know what I mean…hopefully).

Sun_Barton_190815There’s never a dull day in the world of a Social Media-addicted Forest fan.



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