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August 31, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

The International Break is upon us and we’re going to have to wait until 12th September before we can see the beloved Garibaldi Red in action again – some may say that’s a good thing after Saturday’s display. But it all started so well, albeit for only the first 5 minutes. We looked like we were keeping possession well and passing the ball nicely. Then Cardiff got into the game and any confidence we had simply drained away.

Keeping possession is one thing, but you’ve really got to do something with the ball rather than pass along the back four. It didn’t look like anyone wanted to really take responsibility and show for the ball. I thought our two brightest players were Tyler Walker and David Vaughan. It was a shame to see Ebecilio struggling in the first half. I was looking forward to seeing him play – by all accounts he had a good debut at Bolton – but it was no surprise to see him replaced by Ben Osborn for the second half.

Playing Tyler as the lone striker against the likes of Morrison and Connolly isn’t really going to work. He did a great job under difficult circumstances and showed his true potential when turning onto a ball played through – along the ground I might add – hitting a rasper that was well saved by Marshall. But come half time we were 0-1 down and not really looking like we could get back into it.

10835148So on came Little Benny Osborn and what a difference he made. With the formation back to a 4-4-2 – Antonio up top alongside Tyler – we looked like we could be going places. That was until we went 0-2 down 4 minutes into the second half. We had a bit of a large hill to climb and while we showed some endeavour in getting the scoreline back to 1-2 courtesy of Michail Antonio, it was a goal too far. Damn it!

So, what did I learn from Saturday’s excursion to the City Ground? Well:

  • Arriving a bit later than usual means there’s a big queue outside Relish and not a chance of getting a pork & stuffing cob. That was poo!
  • Getting to know some of the other season ticket holders sitting around me is a good thing.
  • I liked the look of Pinillos at left back. Trying to get forward and hardly losing possesion is always a good thing.
  • We missed Henri Lansbury.
  • David Vaughan is improving with every game.
  • I’m hoping the International Break will allow Ebecilio to get up to speed with the English game.
  • Jack Hobbs looked like he struggled for pace a bit against Jones and Ameobi.
  • Michael Mancienne looked like a quality centre half during the last 2 minutes of added time as Matt Mills was pushed up front. Wouldn’t it be good if he actually played a whole game in that position?
  • It was great to see Gerry McDonagh not only on the bench but making his debut with 10 minutes remaining.

  • I’d like to see Oliver Burke given another start – perhaps instead of Chris Burke.
  • At this point in his career Chris Burke would make more of an impact coming off the bench. His work rate can never be faulted though.
  • Always playing the ball up to Antonio isn’t going to work.
  • But in fairness, he does look like the only player that will get us goals at the moment.
  • Tyler Walker looked more of a threat when he was moved to the right once Blackstock was brought on.


  • Super Benny Osborn is indeed Super!
  • OK, so we’ll just have to go on a 41 game unbeaten run!

I hate the various International Breaks during the season. They’re so flipping boring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an England supporter, but my love for the national team died during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I put that squarely at the feet of Fabio Capello.

But in a glass-half-full approach, what it does allow us to do is get the stupid transfer deadline day thing out of the way and then work on establishing a settled squad to embark on the rest of the season. Until January 1st that is.

Will Antonio, Mancienne, Hobbs, Paterson and any other current squad member be part of that come 1701 on Tuesday 1st September 2015? Who knows. What I do know is that Mr Dougie and Lenny are doing their best. That’s all I ask.



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