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September 14, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

Goodness me isn’t the International Break boring?!? Thank the >insert deity here< that’s all over with and we can get on to the more important stuff. So, as is de rigueur for this season so far, we were playing away and I wasn’t in attendance. Go here or here to read the good stuff about the goings-on at Loftus Road. My two-penneth reads something like this:

  • I thought we looked a much more balanced side with He Who Shall Not Be Wearing Garibaldi now plying his trade at the Boleyn Ground.
  • I’m slightly confused as to why some Brighton fans were cock-a-hoop to see the back of Chris O’Grady. He certainly deserved his MotM award. Maybe it’s because he’s a Nottingham lad that all stops will be pulled in an outward direction to prove he’s worth donning the Garibaldi. I very much liked his endeavour and thought he deserved to round it all off with a goal. Still he’s got the rest of the season to bag a few.


  • The True Eric has revealed himself and no longer languishes with the mindset of a North American Soccer League right back. Hitting that shot straight at Green with power – after a lovely ball poked through by O’Grady – was a fair effort. The Sky pundits were overly harsh on him for that. “He’s not scored in 103 years…” or something similar was trotted out. Who cares? He’s. A. Right. Back! We don’t pay his wages for goals!!
  • The Continental Drift on the left looks very promising. Pinillos’ willingness to push up and Mendes’ embryonic interplay with the left back could be a thing of beauty come Christmas.

  • Until Jamie Ward passed on his hamstring ailment to Michael Mancienne, we were bossing the midfield. I’ll admit I was sceptical having watched Mancienne a few times looking a bit uncomfortable in that role in front of the back four, but we were solid on Saturday. And once again, David Vaughan did everything he needed to do. We’ll just have to see who he’s partnered with on Tuesday.
  • Tyler was pretty much anonymous in the first half. Marked out of the game by Konchesky I suppose. It’s a shame though, as when he moved into that position against Cardiff he looked the business. Ah well, he’s still learning so no harm, no foul.


  • Our Henri’s dead ball delivering left a lot to be desired I’m afraid. But he did bury that spot kick with enough force to bust the net didn’t he? Although it didn’t bust the net…so the net’s clearly been Henri-proofed…or something.
  • Mr Dougie is not afraid to make a bold decision. I’m sure Kyle Ebecilio was a bit surprised to see his number held aloft having only been on the field for about 20 minutes. At 1-0 down, changing to 2 up top showed intent. It was refreshing to see.
  • Robert Green is a bit of a plonker. But be under no illusion; had he not been sent off, we would still have won the game.
  • Charlie Austin’s beard is no way near as magnificent as Danny Fox’s.


So it looks like Mr Dougie and Leon Hunter – and I’m sure other Forest personnel as well – may have woven something special out of this FFP embargo farce. Seeing O’Grady running everything down, Mendes looking like he’s got a certain something and Oliveira bagging a goal on his debut is far more than any Forest fan dared to dream.


We looked assured and solid, happy to keep possession and wait for openings. A bit of a misstep after we lost Mancienne to injury was soon rectified and while fortune favoured us for once, we were good money for the 3 points.

Now it’s on to St. Andrews and fourth placed Birmingham. They haven’t lost yet. I’m sure we’ll have a good go at rectifying that.



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