Birmingham 0 Forest 1

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September 16, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

It’s been 382 days since our beloved team notched back-to-back away wins. Those particular dates were 26th August and 30th August 2014. The first was a 0-2 victory against Huddersfield in the League Cup, followed by a 0-1 against Sheffield Wednesday. For those of a particular persuasion – that is to say those who may say the Cup doesn’t count and it’s only League games that matter – well you’re looking at a whole different ball game – although still, intrinsically, Association football. 23rd February 2013 and 2nd March 2013 saw us dispatch Charlton 0-2 and (somewhat spookily) Sheffield Wednesday 0-1. 928 days – or a little over two and a half years.


The significance of what’s happened over the last four days cannot be underestimated. But don’t worry, I’m not getting carried away. I just think we seem to be moving in the right direction, utilising the loan market to (seemingly) good effect and creating a squad with the depth required to sustain a level of competitiveness in this, the most demanding of Leagues.


I don’t think many “experts” gave us a hope against a QPR team that had won their last three games and were unbeaten in four – scoring ten in those games. The media darlings – having been summarily dispatched from Premiership Nirvana – and comprising Charlie (Everybody Likes Me) Austin were undone by a thoroughly professional display from the team in European Cup Glory Yellow. Stoic in defence, we gave very little away at Loftus Road, looking for all the world like that boring International Break was the time Mr Dougie needed to work his wily ways.


On to another away-day/evening and an unbeaten Birmingham stood in our way. With three wins and two draws before last night and having scored in all their games so far this season, here was another chance for the so-called “experts” to chalk that Loftus Road result down to “luck”. ‘Twas not to be, but alas – once again – I was not there to witness a display of John “Hannibal” Smith proportions. “I love it when a plan comes together.” Johnny Phillips described the first half as “soporific”. I’d like to think we were getting the job done. Good work down the left saw Jamie Ward create enough of a chance in the second half for Dex to put one away and now here we are talking about back-to-back away wins. I’d like to talk more about game plans working and team commitment, but having not witnessed it myself, that’s not the something I can do. Sorry. I’m just glad Dorus got to keep the clean sheet he wanted and our back four deserved.


And so on to Middlesbrough at the City Ground. Yet another media favourite who, in all fairness, have had a good start to the season. Three wins on the bounce and second in the table – although we don’t really look at that until Christmas – who’s to say what’s going to happen. Except Mr Dougie’s, who’s got a plan and I’m sure we’ll be loving it when it comes together.




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