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September 20, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

Forever Forest podcastA scant seven weeks into the current season and only seven episodes into their existence, listening to The Forever Forest podcast belies its new-born appearance. It is akin to overhearing some mates dissecting their favourite team over a pint or four. Clearly knowledgeable about the double European Cup winners of yesteryear, Steven Jamieson, Niall Page and Alan March précis the week’s previous games, comment on the current goings-on at the club and preview upcoming matches.

What must be understood when listening to @TFFpodcast is that Forest fans are a particular breed of supporter. Some may say fickle, but that’s too generalist. A Forest fan knows deep down how much they care for and love the club, but they are too pragmatic to let those sorts of feelings get in the way when discussing this wonderful club. Steven, Niall and Alan epitomise all that is right in a Forest fan. And this is never more so displayed than in the final moments of episode six. Betting his dignity on a Forest defeat at the hands of QPR never seemed more right to Steven Jamieson. It’s the naivety of youth and the “certainty” of a Forest fan that are his downfall.

Hilarity ensues in the next episode as Steven is made to rue his certainty, but I’m sure – as most Forest fans do – that this occurrence will not temper his ways. For he is a Forest fan, part of a community that have seen their fair share of triumphs and no-so triumphant times. These experiences have defined us and them. The Forever Forest podcast distils the glass-half-full/ glass-half-empty approach of Forest fans and long may it continue.


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