Huddersfield 1 Forest 1

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September 28, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

As is the want of the mighty Sky, our away fixture at the John Smith’s Stadium was moved to Thursday night – the realm of the “other” European cup competition. 937 hardy souls made the trip and filled the ground with enough noise to make it sound like a home game at times. I was not one of that bunch, so now the dust has settled on an elongated Championship weekend, here’s my thoughts on the matter:

  • The team bus must have been about 20 minutes late turning up, because that’s how long it seemed to take for a Forest player to touch the ball.
  • While Ryan Mandes’ goal was against the run of play, it was a thing of beauty, fashioned by our hardworking fullbacks.


  • That man Eric’s continued forays into the box are a joy to behold. It was also a joy to see him do something different with the ball other than lash it at the speed of sound straight at the opposition goalie.
  • Our team shape and dominance of the space was heartening to see. It was another example of great team organisation.
  • Jamie Ward did exactly what we were hoping he’d do when we signed him. Get under the skin of the opposition players and their supporters.


  • Chris Burke was unlucky to hit the post and Chris O’Grady was equally unlucky to see his follow-up shot blocked on the line.
  • To say Huddersfield’s equalizer was a sickener would be a massive understatement.
  • I feel sorry for Dorus. His displays so far this season deserve more than two clean sheets. He’s a goalkeeper straight out of the top drawer and no mistake!
  • Before the game I would have singled out Kelvin Wilson as our weakest link in the back four. After that performance, it’s good to see he’s back to his best. His reading of the game was outstanding and his defensive prowess was second to none. Probably the best display from a Forest centre half so far this season.


  • If a One Word Review for the game were required – a la The Forever Forest podcast – it would be Wilson.

So, we’re now almost a fifth of the way through the season. I think it’s fair to say that we weren’t expecting to see us playing such good football at this stage; but Mr Dougie has pulled it out of the bag with the last four games in particular. Our organisation,  team shape and the spirit that seems to be pervading the squad points towards a bright future for those in the Garibaldi.

It’s on to the City Ground and fourth placed Hull this Saturday – yet another stern test of our credentials, but one which I believe we shall rise to in this new age of togetherness.



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