Bristol City 2 Forest 0

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October 17, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

And that was that. Eleven minutes in and proof positive that that particular International Break came at wholly the wrong time for us.

We can bandy around words like lacklustre, unprepared, ineffectual or even inferior, but the word that had consumed me for most of those 90 minutes and beyond is disappointing. It’s easy to reach for the mobile device and vent whatever negative feelings you have for those wearing the beloved Garibaldi (or in this case yellow) – but negativity can consume you. It can eat away at your love for this great club until all you have left is cynicism and resentment. I know this. These are my exact feelings towards our international team and I have Fabio Capello and South Africa 2010 to thank for that.

11177334But I refuse to be consumed by such petty feelings when it comes to Nottingham Forest. My disappointment stems from the positivity we’d seen in our performances over the previous 5 games. OK, so we’d only taken 1 point from our last 3, but look at our performance against Hull and the game-on-game improvement we’d seen up to that point. And therein lies the fundamental crux of it all. We had allowed ourselves to be drawn to the light at the end of the tunnel – that’s why it hurts all the more and I was only watching it on Sky. For the (official) 991 diehard fans that made the 290 mile round trip to Ashton Gate, I salute you. Their support was unwavering – they were in fine voice in particular in the second half – and that journey home must have felt even longer.

11177424I’m not going to write an actual match report for this one due to my non-attendance of the game. InTheTopOne, The Nottingham Post and Stress & Pie will be far more erudite than me. But what I can do is share my thoughts. So here they are:

  • We were undone by Bristol’s system and never really found a solution to coping with it.
  • Dorus de Vries is a goalkeeping Deity.
  • Daniel Pinillos is a quality left back.
  • I was hoping Kelvin’s towering display against Huddersfield wasn’t going to be a one match wonder. He wasn’t at that level, but he certainly wasn’t poor either.


  • Ryan Mendes is going to have to work a little harder to banish the memories of Antonio – but he did contribute last night and can hold his head up high.
  • Chris O’Grady clearly forgot to apply glue to his kit, as nothing stuck to him like it had done since he joined us.
  • Bristol’s ‘keeper made a worldy save to deny Jack Hobbs’ bullet header from hitting the back of the net.
  • Had our Henri’s volley looped over the statuesque Bristol goalkeeper and nestled into the opposition’s goal we would have had a contender for goal of the season.


  • It was good to see Tyler Walker, Jorge Grant and Alex Iacovitti on the bench. Particular congratulations must go to Alex for making his first appearance in the first team squad. Let’s hope it’s not too long before he takes to the pitch so he can show us how good he is.
  • Danny Fox looks better with a beard. It was magnificent, but now it is gone. Which is a shame.

So it’s on to Burnley at home on Tuesday and Ipswich at home the following Saturday. This league is brutal. We’d looked at the teams we played post transfer deadline and thought that was going to be a tough test, but they just keep coming thick and fast. Recently relegated Burnley and promotion contenders Ipswich are yet two more that will push us to the limits. There are no easy games in the Championship and while previous seasons afforded a few “opportunities” for points, this particular one is merciless. We need to show our true mettle.



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