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October 26, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

Now, normally for a home game I’d attempt to write an interesting report about the goings-on at The City Ground. That isn’t going to be the case on this particular occasion as I’ve already done one of those for the nice people at In The Top One. Please feel free to click the appropriate link, read my report and then come back. Thanks 🙂

ipswich-action-14-4340-2762786_478x359I’m lucky. It’s about a two-hour drive to Nottingham from where I live, so a quick whiz up the A1 and across the 606 is a pleasant alternative to the boredom of the M1. I say I’m lucky, because looking on my twitter timeline recently, there were a couple of people who go that extra mile to indulge in a spot of Garibaldi watching and that deserves a great deal of respect.

ipswich-action-1-4340-2762411_478x359The point I’m circuitously getting to is that the drive home generally affords the chance to listen to 606 on a Saturday or the late TalkSport phone-in on a Tuesday night. Post-Burnley and post-Ipswich have witnessed me taking the plunge and dialling in to chat about our favourite team. It’s not an instant process, as you can imagine. I spoke to a TalkSport “researcher” who took my details and told me they’d ring back in around 15 minutes. “Great” I thought.

11228952It was Champions League night, there probably wasn’t going to be that many Championship fans ringing in for a chat, so I dutifully waited and listened to the show expecting a fairly quick response. An hour passed and I had to switch off. I couldn’t listen to another Arsenal fan moaning about their lot. They’d just beaten Bayern Munich and it still didn’t seem to be enough. One Chelsea fan, umpteen Arsenal fans and no one else. Diversity wasn’t their bag for that particular radio show and listening to fans who don’t realise how good they’ve got it is an exercise in annoyance.

11228967So, come Saturday I thought I’d give it another try, but this time I was hitting for the Big Leagues. I probably had little chance of getting on 606, but the “researcher” once again took my details and told me he’d pass them on to the producers who’d decide whether I was worthy enough to be called back. Yes, you guessed it, nothing. I once again listened for a while – 45 minutes in fact – until I could take no more. In amongst the post-match managerial interviews and other stuff, they spoke to one fan of a Championship club (can’t remember which one) and three Chelsea fans, one of which wanted Jose’s head on a platter while the other just indulged in a general moan about Chelsea.

11228959The third caller was a “proper” fan, circumspect in his outlook and happy to go and watch them play, home or away. This positivity was something of a surprise to Mr Savage and his co-presenter. An actual fan, who actually enjoyed watching his team play football. He appreciated the effort of the team and was happy that they would be Premier League champions until next May, but would probably be relinquishing that particular moniker come the end of the season.

ipswich-action-10-4340-2762750_478x359Football fans are a funny bunch. I’m pretty sure the whole reason for going to watch your team play is for a sense of enjoyment. I say this as the pervading feeling surrounding The Mighty Reds since the Bristol game is one of unease and it’s getting to me a little bit. To the point, in fact, that when Mr Savage teased a “there’s been a sacking” statement at around 18.30 on Saturday, I immediately thought the worst.

Why should I feel that?

I’m happy with my lot. I’m the glass-half-full punter. Optimism is my mantra, man! I refuse to be sucked into the cynicism and negativity surrounding our great club.

11228956Yes, the performance at Bristol was disappointing.

Yes, we haven’t won at home since the Rotherham game.

Yes, we can’t score enough goals to win games.

Yes, we’ve got an injury list that’s longer than your arm.

And yes, we’ve got a Chairman that hasn’t really got a handle on how to run an English football club.

ipswich-action-3-4340-2762421_478x359But for all that, I can still see what we’re trying to do.

I can see the effort we put in on a weekly basis.

I can see in the technical area and hear in the post-match interviews the enthusiasm Mr Dougie has for this great club.

I can see Ryan Mendes’ attempts to banish any mention of that player we sold to West Ham.

I can see the quality Oliveira brings to the party.

I can see the potential in the Academy graduates being used to bolster our injury depleted squad.

11228962Dorus continuing the Forest love affair with Dutch goalkeepers. Eric’s positivity going forward and (fairly) sound tackling when defending. Jack’s dominance of the defensive line. Kelvin’s nous. Daniel’s undoubted skill. David’s toughness. Jamie’s tenacity. Liam’s stamina. Jonny’s quick thinking. Chris O’Grady’s hold up play. Jorge’s confidence.

ipswich-action-6-4340-2762628_478x359It’s all there.

This may be my first season as a season ticket holder, but I saw enough games under Stuart Pearce to recognise the difference between the football we were playing then and the football we’re playing now. It’s poles apart and no stat about the number of points garnered from a particular number of games is going to convince me things need to change.

11228949Performance-wise, we’re moving in the right direction. There are going to be blips like the Bristol game and getting 4 points from our last two home games would have been great. But let’s not get carried away. We need to stick with the plan and keep the faith. Let’s not be distracted by stuff that’s wholly out of our control. The guys on the hallowed turf and in the dugout want the same thing we do. Success.

ipswich-action-8-4340-2762732_478x359This team has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s an even bigger part of my life now I’m fortunate enough to have a season ticket and have the wherewithal to write this blog. I enjoy my time a The City Ground and I enjoy watching my team play football. No one will take that away from me.



2 thoughts on “Forest 1 Ipswich 1

  1. Steve A says:

    Nice positive post Shaun


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