Wolves 1 Forest 1

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December 13, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

As frequent visitors to this site will know, I don’t go to many away games and this one was no different. In fairness, I’ve got full planning permission from my fantastic wife to go to all games next season – home and away – so I’m very much looking forward to that! Can’t quite  understand why she would want me out of the house on a more frequent basis though?!? In the meantime, why not check out www.inthetopone.com or www.stressandpie.co.uk for some great coverage on our matches if you’d like to read an actual match report. Because this won’t be one of those.

Before I get started on some stuff I took away from watching Sky’s coverage of the game, here’s a question for you. What is it with friends/ family who don’t follow football and so are utterly uninformed about the current goings on of the season, but still find the time to pass comment on the (mis)fortunes of our great team? I ask this as my mum of all people – who hates all sport – will, without fail, ask something along the lines of…

What’s wrong with your team at the moment?” after we’ve lost a game or…

You’re not doing very well, are you?” even if we’re in the top six…


Now, she’s not done that recently to be fair, but I was reminded of this when my bestest buddy, who himself admits to not “getting” football, sent me an email just as the game started on Friday night. It read thusly:

Top tip for Forest’s next game: If you’re watching on Sky+, press pause and wait a second before pressing play. Being a second or two behind the live play will give you that authentic Dexter Blackstock viewpoint.

Little did he know…

So, what of the proceedings? Well…

  • Ian Holloway is 52 years old. His playing career stretches back to 1980. So, professionally speaking, he’s been “in the game” for 35 years. That he still calls us “Notts Forest” can mean only one or two things. One: He doesn’t like us. Did we/ have we rejected him in his playing/ managerial career to the point he knows using that particular moniker rubs us up the wrong way? Two: No-one can be that unintelligent, surely?
  • Don Goodman played 125 games for Wolves and scored 33 goals. In his co-commentators capacity, he couldn’t have made it any clearer that he was wearing a gold coloured shirt.
  • Those sun-faded, “gold” coloured seats indicated a rather depleted crowd at Molineux. The official attendance of 20,000 smacks of a club official looking around the ground and reckoning “that’s looks about 20,000 to me” which became gospel and so it was written. Also, there’s no figure for the away support, which is disappointing.
  • It was also a little disappointing to see we didn’t really create too many chances, but it does look like Oliveira and O’Grady and forming quite a nice partnership up top. Their interplay for our disallowed goal was good, it just would have been nice to see a little more of that throughout the game.
  • David Vaughan was, yet again, imperious. He ghosted around the pitch carrying out good deeds all night. He is currently my favourite player.
  • Our Henri seems to have dispensed with the hairband. This can only be a good thing.
  • Daniel Pinillos wasn’t quite on it, but still produced a good performance.
  • I’d like to see him and Eric getting forward a bit more often than they did on Friday night. Maybe that’s one of the tweaks Mr. Dougie was referring to after the Brentford game.
  • Vim and vigour was injected into the game with the introduction of Jamie Ward and Jonny Williams. Williams is clearly a class act, so there must be a fitness issue with him, which is affecting the amount of time he’s getting on the pitch. Here’s hoping that’s improving and we extend his loan deal to the end of the season.
  • I was delighted to see Dex get on the end of the deep corner delivered by our  Henri. A well-taken, goal-scorers goal. I know that’s only his second of the season, but at this point in his career he’s not going to be a 20 goal a season man. Making important contributions like that though are a welcome sight.


As I said on Twitter, we didn’t lose away from home, which is good. We didn’t perform to our usual standard, but still came away with a point, which is also good. It’s Blackburn away next, game four in Sky’s 10 in 10 malarkey and another chance for us to watch the Mighty Reds. They’re currently 4 places and 3 points ahead of us, but it’s pretty tight in that middle area of the table at the moment, with 6 points separating 18th place and 9th place. Here’s hoping we get a little of that creativity back.



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