Blackburn 0 Forest 0


December 15, 2015 by notjustpumpkinbread

I’ll give you fair warning – my Ocular Devices are turned up to 11, so those of a faint heart and grumpy disposition look away.

Well, at the moment we’re showing the signs of a team that are hard to beat – who’d have thought?!? Resilient, committed, tough, organised; all those words can be thrown around   (and rightly so) when considering last night’s performance. I know there were a few on Social Media pre- and post-game who could do nothing more than make the relevant noises about team changes and not scoring – blah, blah, blah-humbug!!! – but quite frankly we need to be looking at the bigger picture. Eight games ago we would have looked better and come away with nothing. It’s an evolution, not revolution.

So, what of the game and stuff of that nature? Well…

  • Is it me or does David Prutton seem to work really hard at dissociating his links with the Mighty Reds? He was one of our own, but that never really comes across when he’s on Sky.
  • Ian Holloway looked even more unnatural in front of the camera – that Tango’d edge combined with the complexion of a waxwork; quite unnerving. The worrying thing is, he’s still got six games to go – goodness knows what he’ll look like by the end!
  • At the other end of the spectrum was our very own Mr Dougie. I can only hope he’s suffering from a head cold or something similar, because he could definitely have done with a visit to Sky’s make-up truck before that pre-match interview. Managing us can’t be that bad, surely?


  • I liked the look of the team. Ward, Williams and Osborn all starting had the potential for hustle and bustle, but Blackburn did a job on us in the first half and we were lucky to go in 0-0.
  • Our back four and Dorus are looking like a well-disciplined unit. I bet Hobbs rues that (unwarranted) second yellow against Reading. Mancienne is keeping him out of the team at the moment.
  • While our Henri is playing well in that deep-lying role, it was good to see glimpses of him bringing the ball forward and causing a few worrying moments for Blackburn. We’ve not seen enough of that from him this season – although that’s probably more to do with our illustrious leader’s tactics than anything else.


  • It was good to see a couple of positive substitutions in the second half, with Oliveira coming on for Williams to give us an extra option up top and then a straight swap with O’Grady replacing Dex.
  • For all the pant-wetting about Blackburn’s goalie making a superb save from Matt Mills late header I would counter that he was lucky. Had the unwitting Eric not deflected the ball slightly as it was powered towards goal by Mills and in so doing brought it closer to the outstretched hand of his despairing dive, we would have been celebrating a nice little Ewood Park smash-and-grab. It’s a game of margins, people.


So, just like Friday’s away day to Molineaux, we ground out a draw and have now taken 11 points from our last 6 games. If someone had offered you that before the Derby game I’m sure you would have ripped their arm off. Not only do these Ocular Devices tint the world in a loving Garibaldi glow, they also offer the most amazing perspective on matters.



2 thoughts on “Blackburn 0 Forest 0

  1. Steve A says:

    “A team that’s getting hard to beat” you say… Dougie can easily fix that simply by moving Mancienne out of the back four. Watch this space on Saturday!
    Steve A


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