Charlton 1 Forest 1


January 4, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

What a tremendous travelling support our team has. To see those images on Twitter of a whole stand filled with Forest fans – somewhere near 3,000 – was a heartening sight.


Once again, I was not one of the Garibaldi faithful to make the trip to The Valley and seeing as how decisive this result seems to be, I wouldn’t want to pass comment on something I hadn’t seen. There are always going to be positives and negatives taken from any game, but this particular result seems to have stoked some fires. Social Media was awash with all sorts of posts once the final whistle had blown; there sure was some reactionary stuff flying around.

It wasn’t too long ago that the clamour to remove our current incumbent was as a result of the inability to convert good performances into wins. We weren’t taking our chances and were on the receiving end of a fair number of single goal defeats. Then we played Derby. Under extreme pressure, the players produced a performance that belied our position in the depths of the division. And let’s not forget the contribution of the management staff as well.

Glossing over the aberration at Griffin Park, we now find ourselves in a position of being difficult to beat, but drawing a fair few games. So, while we’re still not winning many games, our performances have shifted from the “lovely to watch but still losing” to “well organised and hard to beat but not winning“. It seems as if you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Generally, a football fan’s memory is somewhat selective and a little hazy. In light of Saturday’s draw, I had the temerity to take to Twitter and suggest we were trying to build something and patience is key. A fellow Forest fan replied to ask what we were building and subsequently, that we had been trying to build something since 1998. That is, in fairness, a good point. But surely it has to start sometime and with someone. And why can’t it be our current chairman and Dougie Freedman?

During the Fulham game I thought the tide was changing when, all of a sudden, a section of fans broke into a “Dougie give us a wave” chant. I was clearly a bit previous with that suggestion as I haven’t heard it since. But we haven’t lost any of the 6 games since then. Pre-Derby this game of margins was punishing us for not taking our chances to get anything from the game. In our last two away games, this game of margins has punished us for not taking our chances to win games.

I don’t know about you, but we’re not going to become world beaters overnight. This season-on-season change of managers does not allow for any sort of continuity or growth. One manager’s football philosophy is another’s road to ruin. One player can be a manger’s favourite one minute and a new manger’s pariah the next. That our chairman seems to have settled on a manager that a lot of fans clearly don’t like irks those fans. But like I said before, it’s got to start somewhere.

In general, the way our teams are set up – in terms of personnel, formation and organisation – to me shows Dougie knows what he’s doing. There have been occasions when it looked like the wrong substitute had been made, but they were few and far between. Ok, we’re not winning – and we’ve been slightly unfortunate with that recently – but we’re not losing either. I genuinely believe it will come.

Realistically, we’re probably not going to make the play-offs this year but at the start of the season, we weren’t expecting to. What Dougie gave us with the Derby game and the subsequent wins was a belief that we could. Now we’ve slowed down a bit and drawn a few games, that belief has been taken away and replaced with anger. And isn’t that an anger borne of frustration? Frustration at being allowed to dream a little as we ascended the division. These latest results have tempered that ascension and in-so-doing has created a reaction.

We’re still playing some good football. Yes, I didn’t see us at The Valley, but I bet David Vaughan didn’t become a rubbish player overnight. I bet he was still breaking up play and looking as solid as ever. Someone took to Facebook and wanted to know where Henri Lansbury had disappeared to for the last two months. Another responded that said user would probably have said the same about John McGovern. I’ve seen our Henri play this last two months and he’s certainly not missing. Ben Osborn got our goal and was voted man of the match, so he couldn’t have been too bad either.

Am I clutching at straws? No, I’m a Forest fan. I believe in this team. I believe in our manager. I have the patience to wait for this team to come good. Do you? Does our chairman? If he’s swayed by some of the stuff “shouted” on Twitter, then probably not. But perhaps he’s finally realised the changing of the guard every season has done nothing to improve the fortunes of this great club. Perhaps he’s finally realised that the latest incumbent is the man to turn things around, it’s just unfortunate for some fans that that incumbent is Dougie Freedman. Perhaps we’ll win a few more games and we’ll hear that chant again. I hope so.



2 thoughts on “Charlton 1 Forest 1

  1. Steve A says:

    Thought you might have gone to the game Sean, almost a local for you.
    Many positives but two disappointing aspects of the game… Oliviera’s finishing in the box and I’m still dubious about DF’s substitution tactics. Surely the game was there to be won and O Burke would have been ‘champing at the bit’ after his last performance. Reailse the sentiment re CC but as I said… the game was there to be won.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately my wife was working, so unable to visit The Valley. Sounds like Lord Nelson has missed a couple to wrap games up against Cardiff & Charlton which is somewhat disappointing. And yes, I’d have picked O Burke to start. Onwards & (hopefully) upwards 🙂


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