Forest 1 Bristol City 2


March 1, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread


That’s the first thing that springs to mind when considering the game on Saturday. Even my myopic, Garibaldi Tinted Spectacle approach has to be honest enough to acknowledge our less-than-adequate performance.

It was all so very disappointing.

In fairness, there have been lots of other words thrown around – generally on Social Media –  post-Bristol, but my use of this particular word encompasses a whole range of stuff.

It was disappointing to see us set up in such a narrow manner. There were times when Eric Lichaj had nothing in front of him and no choices to make. But this happened so often for so many of our players. Those on the ball were given few (if any) forward options, with very few making themselves available and looking for the ball.

It was disappointing to miss a couple of relative “sitters” which would have seen the game dead-and-buried after 7 minutes.

It was disappointing to see the live wire that is Jamie Ward come off with a hamstring injury. It changed the complexion of our game.

It was disappointing that Tyler Walker didn’t seem to make the most of his opportunity.

It is also disappointing to hear fans now questioning whether he’s actually good enough to be in the team. Are they the same fans who were once calling for his inclusion and berating Mr Dougie for not doing so?

It was disappointing to see us relinquish a lead.

It was disappointing to see Bojan Jokic not get forward more. There’s no denying his defensive quality, but I would suggest Dani Pinillos is a more adventurous player, willing to make a forward run and trust his teammates to cover the space behind as necessary.

It was disappointing to hear Mr Dougie thought we were the better team for the first 60 minutes of the game. We were the better team for the first 40 minutes of the game, but never looked like we were up for the fight once Bristol City equalised. And that’s disappointing too!

It was disappointing to hear booing. After all the team have achieved this season when considering the restrictions we are under, a little leeway – in my opinion – wouldn’t be asking too much. I’m not a “boo-er”, never have been. I think it’s counterproductive and disrespectful, but it is interesting to hear our manager acknowledge it. In his post-match interview, Dougie noted, If you take the applause against Leeds, you have to take the opposite, when things do not go well. We have a good set of fans who pay good money to come and watch us. They are entitled to have their opinion and to voice it.” Yet another example of the honest and open approach our manager has. And that particular aspect is definitely not disappointing.

It’s disappointing that fans see this as another opportunity to call for the head of the manager. Who in their right mind is going to want to come to this club at the moment? And I say this as a devoted fan! We currently have an opportunity for continuity. We have a set of players who seem to be happy to play for the Garibaldi and a manger who seems genuinely honoured to be at the helm. He’s gone above and beyond the remit of most managers when considering the restricted finances of the club and helped to cut costs to enable us to free ourselves of the current embargo. He’s earned the right to continue in the job when considering these aspects and the ability to create a (generally but not at the moment) competitive team. You may not like the football we’re playing right now, but as I’ve said before, needs must.

Going back to the match, did we miss Henri Lansbury? I suggested this to a fellow ST holder – when considering the first half of this match and the Huddersfield game –  but as he quite rightly countered, it can’t just be down to the exclusion of one player. That won’t make the difference. To an extent, that’s right, but perhaps the return of our Henri will see a bit more quality in the centre of the pitch and little more ability to read the game. There were too many occasions when the front two were disconnected from the rest of the team, a widening chasm of openness with ne’er a Garibaldi shirt to be seen.

So there you have it. Not one for the scrapbook I’m afraid – I suppose it’s more like one for the scrapheap when considering team performances. We’re away to Ipswich next and “By Jove!” I’ll be along for the ride. It’s actually quicker for me to get to Portman Road than to The City Ground, so I thought I’d pop along. Let’s see if it’s all worthwhile. I’m sure it will be.



2 thoughts on “Forest 1 Bristol City 2

  1. Steve A says:

    …but it was so grrrreat! seeing Chris Cohen play his first full 90 minutes and play so well in midfield, his natural position in my mind. Things can only get better with him in the team and Lansbury and Assombo soon to reappear from their injuries. Things can only get better!
    Cohen my MOM!


    • Nice to hear some positivity Steve. Thanks for taking the time to comment and of course, you’re entirely correct. Seeing Cohen play 90 mins was tremendous! I also agree with you re. Henri & Britt returning. It was a close call between Cohen and Osborn for MoM. Both put in a shift. See you at the next home game 🙂


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