Ipswich 1 Forest 0


March 8, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

I made the trip to Ipswich – it took me less time than getting to The City Ground – and spent a pleasant hour or so catching up with a couple of ST holders I sit in front of in the Peter Taylor Stand. They’re like-minded Forest fans, so we had a good chat about stuff. We concluded we were moving in the right direction, maybe Mr Dougie could give the youngsters a bit more of a chance at this point in the season and we should definitely give him a further season to see what he’s made of. Job done. That’s sorted. Perhaps we should have a word with Fawaz.

At this point, I could probably go back over some of the games I’ve written about earlier in the season and copy & paste some stuff from them. You know; creating chances, missed opportunities, should have been x number of goals up in the first half, their goal was one of those that kind-of sneaked in, the ref was bloody useless. That sort of thing. Instead, I’ll throw some stats at you. We’ve got the 5th best defensive record in the division. We’ve made the most defensive actions in the division – 1,711, either as a blocked shot, an interception or a clearance. We’ve created the 3rd highest number of chances in the division – 367. We’ve taken the 3rd highest number of shots in the division – 484. As for individuals, well David Vaughan has completed 991 passes so far this season with an accuracy of 86%. Michael Mancienne and Matt Mills are our two best performing defenders with 492 defensive actions between them. Personally, I don’t think that’s too bad. The foundations are there for all to see.

We can’t get away from the fact we lost the game but should have won it. Oh, for a decent striker etc. etc. They’re doing their best – for the most part. It was great to see Demetrius Petravicius make his first team debut as a send half substitute – congratulations to him! Dorus made a couple of great saves and but for the width of the crossbar/ upright/ the opposition keeper, we’d have been alright. I know I sound like a broken record and at this point in the season I’m sure some of the more volatile fans would describe me as deluded, but I’m hanging on in there and supporting them the best I can. I’ll be there tonight, hoping to see us spank Preston and right the wrongs of that away match when we should have beaten them by a cricket score but lost 1-0 and I’ll be there next Saturday, hoping to right the wrongs of that away match when we missed a sitter, lost 1-0 and didn’t exactly cover ourselves in glory.

I hope you’ll be supporting positively too.



2 thoughts on “Ipswich 1 Forest 0

  1. ed dabll says:

    Great post, put it on the facebook site,theres so much negativity on there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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