Forest 0 Sheffield Wednesday 3


March 14, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread


This is where it all began, I suppose. Suffering our heaviest defeat in such a manner riled the faithful and (wrongly) stirred our Chairman into action. Talking about the match seems to be somewhat futile now, given the circumstances that have arisen. Suffice to say, there were some players – I believe – who did put a shift in during those 90 minutes, but we were put to the sword by a better side. The gulf in class showed and while we’ve gotten away with it for most of the season, it took a top 6 side who hadn’t won in their previous 5 games to expose our shortcomings, both tactically and with the personnel in the pitch.

I had hoped writing this particular entry in my blog would prove to be a cathartic process, but I don’t think it will. Our current charge of this great club has got the controls of this particular fairground attraction firmly in his grasp and we can’t get off. You know? Like one of those waltzer thingies you think looks like lots of fun to be on, but as soon as it gets up to speed you just want to get off and throw up. Much has already been written over the past 24 hours by various Forest bloggers and writers concerned with the beautiful game, touching on many different aspects of our current situation. It would be churlish of me to regurgitate those sentiments when better words have been committed to the online community.

The newly created GaribaldiBlog’s view on Social Media and its relationship with our Chairman is very much in line with my own, as I’ve demonstrated on a few occasions during the course of the season. I – like the GaribaldiBlog – can’t help but feel our Chairman’s penchant for all things Social Media related has had a hand in the process. With the appearance of his cloying need to be liked by the fans, the vociferous minority appears to him as if speaking for the masses, turning his head, the result of which can be seen by all. Just hop on over to read this well-written piece posted after Mr Dougie’s sacking.

For a more over-arching view of the situation, this piece by Andrew Brookes over at the Trentender Blogspot perfectly encapsulates the position our club finds itself in. Once again, a piece that resonates with most fair-minded fans of the Garibaldi and one I wholeheartedly agree with.

If you really want to get to the heart of how an honest-to-goodness Forest fan feels now and felt when hearing the news of Dougie Freedman’s sacking, then you will do no better than read this piece by David Marples over at InTheTopOne. A heartfelt reaction, I defy you not to agree with everything he touches upon. A lovely piece of writing.

There is a level of exasperation as well as resignation with what’s going on at The City Ground. Too many false dawns, too many “team rebuilds”, too often have we had to listen to the latest manager coaxed into the hot-seat speaking about how great a club this is and how it deserves to be back in the top flight. Lessons are never learnt, warnings are never heeded, the successes of clubs with long-term strategies and managers that last 2 seasons or more go unrecognised. We’re just ploughing the same field. I’m trying to stay positive, I really am; it’s just these damn Spectacles, they keep slipping of late.

It is, what it is 😉


4 thoughts on “Forest 0 Sheffield Wednesday 3

  1. kinigogo says:

    I wondered what would happen to the tinted spectacles.

    Quite simply Dougie was the best manager we’ve had since Colin Calderwood and the fans didn’t like him.

    Colin stopped the rot and then got us promoted. Dougie stopped the rot and wasn’t given the chance.

    The success of I Believe in Miracles hasn’t helped. The glory years were a miracle, but created an expectancy that a small town club is unlikely to ever achieve again.

    However the success of Swansea, Bournemouth and WBA shows that regular mid table Premiership is achievable. Unfortunately the blinkered fans of our so called Big Club would not be happy with mid table.

    The future’s grim; the future’s sunglasses (very dark ones).

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    • Good to hear from you Brian. I hope you’re well. I’m thinking about taping the Specs to my face so they don’t fall off! You’re right, of course. Some perspective is required at times, although we do like to dream!


  2. Steve A says:

    Message to the first comment… Why SHOULD we ‘blinkered fans’ be happy with mid table?

    We are passionate and will always want the best, like you too if you admit it.

    My thoughts are that Dougie would be the best Director of Football we could ever have. He’d be brilliant! An intelligent man who would steer the club in the right direction and with pride.

    But I’m afraid ‘a football technician’ he is not. He’s managed to get some brilliant players for us despite the financial handicap we’ve been burdoned with yet he hasn’t really motivated them or trained them into playing good tactical football. It took him an age to realise Manciennes best position. He plays Gardner in a defensive midfield position when last year he shone in an attacking midfield position and Cohen… is crying out to play a masterclass role in that midfield.
    We’ve been outdone so many times with teams closing us down within a split second of receiving the ball yet we let the opposition run 50 yards with it before trying to stop them.

    Despite this I do not see the point in sacking him. Ridiculous! FAH should have given him the chance to get some players back and to buy some new ones with the cash available next year. And measure his performance then.

    Oh, Sean… great fairground analogy mate!

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    • All wise words Steve. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Can’t help but wonder if the 150th Anniversary march from the City will turn into a Fawaz Out protest – I hope not! Fair play to Reid & Cohen for fronting up this afternoon, but shouldn’t that really have been FAH?


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