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March 16, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

Well, my only source of information for this one was Twitter and Tony Cottee. It was nice of Sky’s Gillette Soccer Special to give us the highlights as they happened, affording the opportunity to see us perform pretty much as we have for most of the season and to witness that goal. I have to assume from the line-up that Chris Cohen and David Vaughan played the deep-lying roles while Gardner was allowed to forage forwards. If that is the case, well, his goal has been a long time coming – that ability to push forward suiting his natural game. Be under no illusion though, a player of his quality should be able to do the dirty work too, something Dougie Freedman has asked of him so far this season. I know – square pegs/ round holes and all that – but sometimes you just have to do the job you’re asked to do.

Anyway, it sounds like we didn’t quite have it all our own way, with Dorus showing why he as well as Vaughan should share the prize of Player of the Season (wouldn’t that be nice). But there was a point during the second half when Mr Cottee stated “Forest look really comfortable at the moment“, or something very similar and with such a kiss-of-death being applied, Hull promptly equalised soon after with what sounds like a deflected shot. Once again, our season in microcosm. Beyond that, here’s some pertinent points I’ve taken from the game and some other stuff I’m currently thinking about:

  • That was a well-earned point away from home.
  • For all the delight from a section of fans regarding Dougie Freedman’s departure, last night didn’t seem much different under Paul Williams’ tutelage. OK, he moved Cohen into a central midfield role, allowing Gardner to push forward, but Cohen was replaced by Tesche (currently, not everyone’s idea of a hard-working player) and Dex made an appearance up top later on and he’s not exactly a fan favourite either. Both the sorts of substitutions our former manager would have made with the limited resources available.
  • Dropping O’Grady was inevitable once Macheda was available, so no great surprise there.
  • By all accounts, Macheda looked bright and will hopefully improve in these final few games. In fairness, I’m sure we’re all hoping he finds his scoring boots sometime after 12.30pm this Saturday.
  • It was good to see Dani Pinillos post a video on his Instagram account showing his progress after his season-ending ACL injury.
  • Pushing the forgotten Andy Reid and Chris Cohen out in front of the media to talk about the back-room goings on, rather than fronting up yourself, was a poor move. Fair play to both of them for fending the questions though. As for Fawaz, well, a dewy-eyed one-on-one with Natalie Jackson for East Midlands Tonight summed it all up. Hoping to appeal to the fans’ better judgement by reiterating the personal sacrifices being made isn’t really going to cut it. I’ve always given FAH the benefit of the doubt (probably naively) but these latest shenanigans have made me weary.
  • When making such comments as “If people are pushing and always negative, and there is no appreciation, why should I continue” smacks of a clamouring for vacuous affirmation via the only medium fans have to communicate with our owner.
  • Who the hell is this Kuwaiti coach the Nottingham Post have done a piece on? Are we seriously thinking about appointing someone who has very little experience of coaching at this level? Surely, considering his association with our owner, it would  mean he were one step closer to managing the team himself – without, of course, doing any of the hard work insofar as taking your coaching badges and stuff like that. I don’t think even I could keep my Specs on for that!

I’ve tried really hard to see beyond the maelstrom. It’s not nice, writing such criticisms, especially since the right way of doing things have been so ably demonstrated by the likes of Southampton, Swansea and Bournemouth. It’s not rocket science – at least I don’t think it is.

Hubris is a dangerous thing. Our owner has demonstrated this time-and-again. Those managerial changes made us a bit of a laughing stock during his first 12 months in charge, now it’s just sad and weary. These feelings towards our current predicament are more ably elaborated by Phil Juggins over at In The Top One. You’d do well to take a gander.

It’s Derby away next…



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