Reading 2 Forest 1

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April 7, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

I don’t think, in our heart of hearts, we ever imagined a different outcome to the one we got last night. 816 hardy individuals made the trip the Madejski Stadium – a wholehearted thanks to you all – and from the sounds of it, Ben Osborn had a delightful game.  I know it was his mistake that allowed Norwood the opportunity to hit the winner, but I’m not going to lay that at his feet.

I’ve written a fair few words since the season began, but these last few weeks have made it a little more difficult to sit down and compose a balanced write-up for each of our games. Call it apathy, malaise, disappointment, depression, incredulity, boredom…

…I could go on. This team, our team, deserves better and will get better – at some point.

I hope…

With Jack Hobbs out for the season (back surgery), Eric suspended for one game (red card against Brentford), Mancienne injured (possibly back for Monday) and now Wilson going off injured, the makeshift defence seem to have done a good job of keeping the score this side of respectable, bearing in mind the number of shots Reading had. Everyone’s favourite left back – yes that’s right, Danny Fox – was called into action when Wilson sustained an injury on 32 minutes and Gary Gardner was utilised at right back. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he’s ever played in that position before. So yes, makeshift it certainly was.

A welcome start for our Henri seemed to have worked when his lovely pass to Ben saw our most consistent Academy product slot home on 41 minutes. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t expecting us to score, so that was a bonus! Slightly against the run of play, but that’s football I suppose. It could have been 0-2 had Al Habsi not made a great save, but as the game progressed, Reading pushed on and in our current form we were never going to survive the onslaught. Our perennial bogeyman Vydra made an appearance on 61 minutes and duly levelled the game a mere 7 minutes later, then a speculative, long range shot ended any hopes of getting something from the game.

I think it’s the impression of inevitability that rankles most. No coherent plan, on or off the field of play, has changed the mindset of a lot of fans from “Come on!!!” to “Oh well…” A collective shrug of the shoulders, indicating we could see this coming and we’ve been a bit lucky up to this point; and when I say “lucky up to this point” I mean over the last few seasons, not specifically while Mr Freedman has been in charge.

Will the forthcoming Supporter’s Trust meeting make any difference? I can’t really say. But I think it will give some fans hope that change can be affected. I believe I’m correct in saying that a letter written to the club on 9th November 2015 has still not garnered a reply as I write, which would would say otherwise. The organisers of the Nottingham Forest Supporter’s Trust have also invited a club representative to attend the meeting at the Albert Hall, but I don’t think that’s been responded to either. So how much change can really be made, or hoped to be made, remains to be seen. Recognition of a proposed Trust by the club you wish to be a Trust of is a fundamental part of the process, wouldn’t you say? Of course, I don’t really know, but I’ll find out more this evening when I attend the meeting.

If you’re reading this and wondering whether to make a visit, please do. The details are below.

As for the football, well it’s high-flying Brighton next on Monday night. It won’t be pretty, I’m sure of that. These shenanigans about FAH hassling Paul Williams with team selections make it even more farcical at the moment, so there’s no point wondering who will be in the line-up to try and stop us haemorrhaging more goals and sinking further into the mire. All I can come up with is…



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