An Ode to Fawaz. An Ode to Twisty…An Ode to Frustration.

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August 29, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

You simpering fool
It was the coward’s way out
You would never have won
Of that there’s no doubt

A sham of an owner
A charlatan if you will
You treat us like idiots
Then cry foul in the shrill

Din of Twitter
Where keyboards await
To question and probe
Awaiting answers, fuelling debate

It’s a tool of immediacy
The sphere of one-forty
A platform of quick-fire statements
Your clamour for personal glory

There’s a fan base out there
Forza Garibaldi!” they cry
And despite your current tenure
They’re still willing to try

They’ve marched from the birthplace
And sailed the water that Brian walked on
With purpose, with passion
Shoulder-to-shoulder with fans who belong

They love this club
That’s something you don’t get
They were here before you
And when you’re gone, hopefully no more threat

Of winding up orders
Of your hollow rhetoric
Of “Who’s going to manage next?
We’ve had enough, we all feel sick

You have our hearts in your grasp
Whether you realise or not
A “5 year plan?” Don’t make me laugh
We all know it’s rot

And as for Twisty
I think we can agree
To show him no malice
To let him play free

Free from the pressure
Free from the pain
Free from those worries
That shirt of Garibaldi sometimes contains

You shined brightly for us
You gave us your all
A product of dedication
From those that stand tall

An Academy graduate
Of whom all can be proud
One of ours” was the chant
That rose from the crowd

You see, all the money in the land
Can never replace
That feeling of joy we experience
As you enter the chase

For a ball that mere mortals
Could never dream to catch
Played in faith by a team mate
Into which you would latch

We watched you with wonder
We watched you with awe
You’re one of ours, and always will be
Please don’t forget our applause

We wish you good luck
And please go in good faith
We know it’s not your fault
We know you’re someone we can’t replace

I feel sad writing this
Is it cathartic? No, not really
I love this club and all its history
I love this club dearly



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