Forest 3 Leeds 1

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September 7, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

In general play we were the better team.

Garry Monk – post-match interview – Sat. 27th August 2016

Walking back to the car in the rain, head lowered to guard against the incessant weather, I heard a similar remark from a Leeds fan.

We were better on the ball than Forest,” he said.

What game was he watching?” I asked myself.

In the refuge of the driver’s seat, I recounted the remark to the guys for whom I was their willing Travis Bickle.

What game was he watching?” they exclaimed.

Then, on arriving home, I thought I’d look at the BBC match report. I’m always interested in what the opposition manager has to say about the game. Especially when we win. For me, it’s a sign of character.

There aren’t many out there who take the opportunity to congratulate the opposition – and Garry Monk is just another in a long line of sore losers. I suppose you can understand his predicament. His position as Leeds manager is always going to be a tenuous one given the current owner.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

But you build up a picture of someone, based on their “public persona“, and he always seemed to say the right things when he was at Swansea. Given the opportunity, I’m sure a fair number of Forest fans would have jumped at the chance of Mr. Monk taking the helm at the City Ground. I think that’s what makes it all the more disappointing.

Because Leeds were pretty rank, weren’t they?

I can’t even be bothered to watch the highlights to try to remind myself if they had any shots on target – beyond the free kick, obviously. Because, I can’t really remember us being troubled in that game.

Oh, go on then, I’ll have a quick watch.

Please hold the line caller…

There were 2 on the Sky highlights. On in each half. Both good saves from an improving Henderson.

I suppose you could pose the question “were they rank because they were rank, or because we played well?

And to that I would answer, a bit of both really.

We scored three very well taken goals.

The first two from corners – one put in by our Henri and the other from the deft foot of young Benny. The first a nice headed flick on from Twisty resulting in a sweetly struck shot from Kasami – his first goal for the club. The second a nice deep corner meeting the head of an unmarked Perquis. It looked like one of those “it just hit his head and went in” goals, but on reviewing it, Perquis knew exactly what he was doing and guided it nicely beyond the keeper. Yet another debut goal.

As for the third, well, what can you say. It had a “watch this” air about it. Twisty gets the ball, does what he nearly always does (which is run at the opposition), and shots from the most oblique of angles. Beating the keeper at his near post like that is an absolute nightmare for him, but who cares. It was a goal created from nothing, the like of which we will never see again from the young man in Garibaldi. But that’s a matter for a different article.

As for the rest of the team? Well, they all played their part and contributed. I can’t even complain about Vellios either. That would just bring a downer on the whole thing.

Most improved player for me though was Perquis. This performance compared to the Brentford game would be like comparing chalk with cheese. His defensive partnership with Mancienne looked solid, a million miles away from the blame-culture defending of Mills.

Not sure why M. Montanier persists with Pereira at right back, but it was nice to see Eric back in the defensive line at left back. Maybe now Oliver has gone Pereira will be pushed further forward and Eric reinstated at right back. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

That middle midfield 3 of Cohen, Lansbury and Kasami looked good too. Cohen was back to his best, while Lansbury showed his quality and Kasami was there in support of them both.

It was a nice assured performance. Not as exciting as the first two games of the season, but a very good win – albeit against poor opposition.

We are clearly a work in progress and with that better defensive performance under our belts things are looking on the up. It will be interesting to see how the new signings will be integrated in the team, but going forward it’s clear to me that M. Montanier and Sr. Pereira know what they’re doing.

All we need now is for our chairman to leave them alone to let them get on with it, win, draw or lose.

Onwards to Villa Park.



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