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September 7, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

Wholesale changes have occurred if you compare last season’s squad to this season’s. And that isn’t really much of a surprise considering we’re on yet another new manager/ coach who will have his own ideologies.

There’s no disputing that this Director of Football/ Coach combination have a defined idea as to where they want this team to go and the playing staff they wish to use to get them there.

The Outs

I suppose when you’re financially restricted, the very nature of loan deals will see a fair number of players coming and going. So that bumps up the number of player changes too. To that end, we said “Goodbye” to Nelson Oliveira, Bojan Jokic, Chris O’Grady, Ryan Mendes, Gary Gardner and Frederico Macheda in May. Prior to that, we’d already said “Hello” and “Goodbye” to Jonny Williams, Kyle Ebecilio and Liam Trotter at various points during the season.

So, who’s gone for good?

Well, those players that didn’t get a contract renewal were Chris Burke, Robert Tesche and Kelvin Wilson. A combination of long-term injury and no contract meant Andy Reid decided to retire from football too. Then there have been the transfers of Dorus de Vries, Jamie Paterson, Lars Veldwijk and Oliver Burke.

Dorus was a surprise move to Celtic – but who can blame him when you’re being wooed by a former manager dangling the carrot of Champions League football. We wish you all the best Dorus.

Paterson’s transfer was bewilderingly announced at half time during the Leeds game. But looking at his face in a photo tweeted out while sitting in the Peter Taylor Stand during the Wigan game, it’s no wonder he’s seeking pastures new.

Lars, well, he got the thick end of a barrel of abuse during the Brighton game and I thought he wouldn’t come back from that. But, in fairness, he stepped up and took a nice goal in the 87th minute against Millwall in the EPL Cup.

Ooo,” I thought, “maybe he’s getting back into the swing of things.

Nope, he’s gone. “I am pleased that I have come away from Nottingham,” he said. A parting shot like that certainly won’t endear him to the Forest Faithful. There’s no real need for it when you’re exiting the building, so no well wishes for him!

What to say about Twisty that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really. Our owner lied – to us and to his staff – treating all like fools. He did what he wanted to do anyway, just to prove he’s still the owner. As for the “interviews” – with BBC RNS and BBC TV – well, there’s no plan and he’s setting M. Montanier up as a scapegoat if it all goes wrong on the pitch. What’s new?

And finally there’s the contract termination of Dexter Blackstock. A bit of a surprise, but not really, if that makes sense. We thank you for your service Dex and that goal against Bristol.

That brings us to the players that have been loaned out – the old and the new, all on season-long loan deals – and there’s no details as to whether any of them have a call-back clause.

Tyler’s gone to Stevenage (and what a fantastic debut that was), Alex Iacovitti moves to Mansfield, Dimi Evtimov is now at a second tier Portuguese club called Olhanense (probably courtesy of our DoF), while Jamie Ward has gone to Burton (a nice move for both him and Nigel).

That’s 19 players who were in the squad at the end of last season who are now: plying their trade somewhere else, have retired, have gone back to their parent club or have been loaned out. Crikey!

The Ins

There have been 12 additions this season.

Three on season-long loan deals, three for undisclosed fees, five as free transfers and a free agent – we’ll get to him.

The three loanees are:

Hildeberto Pereira from Benfica. More Ryan Mendes than Oliver Burke at the moment, but I’d still probably choose him over Mendes to be fair. Could turn out to be a fan favourite.

Pajtim Kasami from Olympiacos. No surprise there considering the Greek ownership connection during the summer; although that’s probably dead in the water when considering the Burke sale and “other very recent matters”. He hasn’t exactly set the Forest world on fire just yet, but did have a good game and scored a nice goal against Leeds.

Nicolao Dumitru from Napoli. No. Me neither. He may be contracted to Napoli, but we’re his seventh loan spell since 2011. 24 year-old striker/ winger who sort-of scores goals. File under wait and see.

The permanent deals are:

Stephen Henderson. A free transfer from Charlton. Not sure whether they just wanted him off their wage bill after relegation or because he was a bit naff. That said, he started a bit wobbly when he came on for Dorus in the Brighton game but has improved game-on-game. Needs time to bed in a bit, but I’m a patient man.

Vladimir Stojković. Signed from Maccabi Haifa for an undisclosed fee, we’ve yet to see this Serbian international goalkeeper between the sticks.

Thomas Lam. Another free transfer, this time from PEC Zwolle. This Finnish international looks more like a defensive midfield man than a centre half. He’s scored 2 goals for us so far – both from open play – which begs the question “What’s he doing that far up the pitch?!?” I like him though.

Damien Perquis. Comes from France, has played for Poland and was acquired on a free transfer from Toronto FC. Was mind-bogglingly out of his depth in the Brentford game and got sent off for two yellows. Missed the Wigan game – which was just as well – but stepped up in the Leeds games and played well; which was a pleasant surprise. I’ll reserve judgement, but Leeds Perquis, yes, Brentford Perquis, no!

Armand Traoré. Arrived on a free from QPR. I’m sure they were probably happy to get him off their wage bill. Let’s hope we’re not paying him that sort of money. More akin to a Forest player being released and going to Rotherham. That kind of deal would be good. Came on in the Brighton game, by which time it was all over, so another wait and see player.

Mustapha Carayol. Middlesbrough let us have him for free. Can’t help but wonder if the ACL injury he sustained back in March 2014 has taken its toll. Had three loan spells at Brighton, Huddersfield and Leeds on his way back to fitness, so could be a bit of a gamble. It’s not like we’re short of speedy wingers…

Luís Carlos Pereira Carneiro or Licá for short. Another “Who?” signing, this time from Porto for officially an undisclosed fee, but reports suggest it was £300k. “Winger?” Yes. “Any good?” Absolutely no idea. We wait. We wonder. S’all good though man. Philippe knows what he’s doing.

Apostolos Vellios. This was our first Greek-connection signing and way back in the heady days of a potential new (allegedly dodgey) owner we got him for an undisclosed amount. A little Google search reveals we may have paid £950k for him. And at the moment he’s not much better than the dearly departed Lars or Dex. He is (surprisingly) only 24 years-old though, if that’s a good thing for a striker. To me, it means he’s still young enough to improve. Let us see.

And finally, the crème de la crème (?)…

Nicklas Bendtner. He’s been a free agent since Wolfsburg terminated his contract in April this year; at the ripe old age of 28. That might say something in itself! All the ego of Zlatan, with (maybe?) not as much talent. A loose cannon so-to-speak, he could be an utter gem under the tutelage of M. Montanier, or an unmitigated disaster. We wait with bated breath.



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