Rotherham 2 Forest 2 & Forest 1 Norwich 2

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September 19, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

This whole Wednesday/ Saturday game schedule certainly doesn’t give you much time to get writing about the goings on of each game.

Hence the double game write-up.

In all fairness, I can’t really say too much about the Rotherham game as I wasn’t there. Particular highlights are – of course – the worldy from Mr. Vellios and the debut in Garibaldi (well black actually) of Lord Bendtner.

David and Steve from Bandy&Shinty were there and according to David, Lansbury and Kasami were different gravy when the Lord took to the pitch. An elevation in perceived ability perhaps? Who knows. But they certainly improved when he was on. Which is interesting. I’ll take that as a positive.

Then onto the Norwich game.

It was always going to be a tough one and when Vlad the top saver denied Norwich a first half penalty, I did steal myself a brief dalliance with “This might be our day.” Down the other end 7 minutes later and Apostolos the goal machine Vellios – that’s 3 in 3 folks – was in the right place at the right time when the ball cannoned off his shin and into the back of the net.

Norwich had looked assured but we were holding our own. It was fair to say 1-0 at half time was probably a good reflection of the game. Dumitru played himself into it the longer it went on. Carayol looked bright on the right and both tracked back effectively. That the midfield trio of Cohen, Kasami and Pereira hadn’t picked up any of Eric’s runs down the right was a little frustrating, but all-in-all an entertaining half of football.

It feels like a long time since we’ve been able to say that.

As for the second half? Well, Norwich showed their Premier League nouse.

Vlad the top saver tipped a shot over the bar but a goalmouth scramble from the resulting corner saw Norwich stab home the equaliser. Our defensive frailties brought to the fore once more.

The second was a shot from nothing. Powered through a whole host of players in the box and leaving Vlad routed to the spot. Whether he was unsighted or thought “I’m getting nowhere near that!” is neither here nor there. Norwich were 1-2 up and ready to time waste for the next 24 minutes to secure the win.

Lord Bendtner had been on for some 8 minutes at that point, as we pushed for our next goal. But Norwich were up to the task. He made some nice touches, showed his strength in holding off players to make the ball available for teammates and generally did nothing wrong. A ball into the box from Carayol saw him meet it full on but head wide of the right hand upright. It wasn’t a sitter, but it would have been nice to make the goalkeeper work.

Special mention must be made of “Hilda” Hildeberto “Berty” Pereira. Personally I’m going with Sn. Hilda de Berty of Pereira. It’s a mouthful, but chew on it for a while. I’m sure it will grow on you?!?

He ran his ass off on Saturday. Maybe he wasn’t at his explosive best – a “back pass” to Danny Fox on our own goal line looked more like a shot – but he certainly put in 100% effort. And not only that, but he did a lap of the pitch clapping the fans as he did so. You’d have thought it was his last game rather than only the fourth home game of the season. He is quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine – and I hope of your’s too.

There’s a feel-good factor developing around the City Ground right now. And let’s be under no illusion, it’s not because of our owner.

We’re a work in progress for the coaching staff and M. Montanier is certainly endearing himself to the Forest Faithful. He’s not doing anything out of the ordinary either. He’s just being him. But that’s the good bit. He seems a genuinely nice chap – I can’t think of another manager/ coach who would bring family produced cheese for the press pack.

There are no histrionics in the technical area, just a brief walk to the edge of it for a look – maybe a bit of a reorganisation – then he returns from whence he came. There’s no remonstrating with the ref about decisions that go against us. You may get a Gallic shrug, but little else.

He conducts himself with dignity – as did Mr Dougie on the whole to be fair – but that air about him suggests if he came round to your house to take your daughter on a date, you’d give yourself a pat on the back for raising her properly.

We lost at home, but I returned to my car thinking we did ok.

Bendtner hit the post late on at Rotherham and headed wide and could have equalised against Norwich, but I walked back to my car thinking he may just be alright.

Our weakness in defence is a bit of a concern, but we’re looking to play good football that’s entertaining. And who doesn’t like to hear their coach say stuff like this…

We play in the moment and we play for our supporters. That is what football is all about. Football without the fans is nothing.

Recognition of those that attend games is vital to foster connections around the club. Whether it’s Philippe in a press conference or Sn. Hilda de Berty after a game.

We know they’re looking to improve. We know it’s a work in progress. We’re enjoying the games (generally) and maybe a little smile is returning to our faces when thinking about watching Forest play. Long may it continue.



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