Well, that’s 3 in a row…

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October 31, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread

But we played with such assurance against Birmingham.

What went wrong?

Those 2 defeats – away to Blackburn and at home to Cardiff – pretty much knocked the stuffing out of me.

It wasn’t just the losses – it was the manner of the defeats. So the last thing I really wanted to do was write about them. A poor excuse, I know, but I’m only being honest. There is a shining light to be taken from at least 2 of the last 3 games – I’d say all 3 but I didn’t travel to Blackburn – and I’ll get onto that later.

But for now, it’s all looking a bit ominous, don’t you think?

Don’t worry, I won’t harp on about it for too long. Suffice to say:

  1. I like Vlad, but parrying a ball straight back out into the penalty area wasn’t the best bit of goalkeeping I’ve seen. Yes he made a good save but please either hold onto the ball – it didn’t appear to be hit that hard – or parry it to the left or right of the goal. Please
  2. Kasami just isn’t really cutting it as far as I’m concerned.
  3. If a proven goalscorer like Britt can’t get a sniff at goal – apart from the offside effort of course, which was very late into the game – we must be in a bit of trouble.
  4. Why didn’t Chris Cohen intervene when our Henri was rollocking the referee? Had he done so, there was a high possibility he wouldn’t have been booked for such petulance.
  5. I thought Traoré was markedly average (at best) – then he was added to our ever-increasing injury list.

I could go on, but there’s little point to be fair.

The aspect of the game that stood out for me the most though, was the overall experience. I went to Brentford way back when. We stood and sang – “Allez, Allez” with the Forza Garibaldi boys; tried to make Stephen Henderson feel a bit better; watched Matt Mills blame everyone; worried about Perquis and whether he was good enough for this level; and lost. But it didn’t matter because we were having a great time.

It was oh-so different on Saturday. Being out-sung by the home crowd doesn’t happen that often when the Forest Faithful are in town.

The most vocal part of the visiting support was the “Fawaz Out” contingent. And they were too busy remonstrating with the stewards and sometimes facing the rest of the Forest fans to look like they were interested in what was going on on the pitch.

That’s not a criticism by the way – we’re all grown adults and we can do what we like. It’s not the way I support my team, but you certainly can’t criticise their passion. Such public action against the current regime may be the only way to get through to him…

Of course, that led to tension among the Forest fans – I even saw a bit of a shoving match going on between two fans with opposing views. This is what it’s come to, is it? Infighting? That makes me very sad.

Then there are those in utter denial. I heard a couple of fans close to me utter something along the lines of “Why don’t you invest £100m into the club yourselves, you [expletive]” when the first round of “Fawaz Out” chants started up. If you’re reading this and still think Fawaz Al-Hasawi has been a good thing for this club, then we are of opposing views.

I’m not going to go into the ins-and-outs – that’s been written about far more eloquently than I can ever hope to do – but you say invest and I say spend. Players wages; an ever-increasing list of players in and players out; pay-offs to more managers then I care to remember – some of whom had ludicrously long contracts; two news screens at the City Ground, but not a lick of new paint or improvement in stadium facilities; a penchant for not paying anybody unless they take us to court first; and ever increasing annual debt. That’s not investment. That’s a criminal waste of money.

That shining light I mentioned earlier?

It’s Ben Osborn.

If there’s one player that epitomises all that is good about our club, it’s Ben Osborn.

He made his 100th appearance in the Garibaldi against Birmingham and we didn’t even bat an eyelid! It’s been a while since an Academy graduate has made that many first team appearances. I’m not sure, but I’ll guess at Lewis McGugan being the last one to chalk up such a number.

And those mutterings?

You could have got that [ball] you lazy twat!” was just one of them. “Twat…” seemed to be the nomenclature for my favourite player, used by this couple of ‘older‘ fans near me.

My friend David – who couldn’t be at the match – asked whether the game was “…bad? Or ‘Bad’ bad?

I’d told him how distraught Benny looked at the final whistle and about the mutterings. He must have been listening on the radio, because it had sounded to him like he’d had a great game, so no wonder he looked distraught. And those mutterings?

Fucking hell,” was his response.

Yes,” I replied.

I just don’t get it and I never will.

In fairness, Eric had a good game too. At times he was the furthest up the pitch, which is a bit frightening to me.

And Joe Worrall’s first team debut was alright. A hearty congratulations to him for making his debut. I can’t really say any more than that, because we lost. But that wasn’t the number 42’s fault. Another Academy graduate with a (hopefully) good future at the club.

But Benny? He was here, there and every-fucking-where! Putting in his usual 100%. Giving his all for the club he’s been playing for since he was 9 years-old. That’s what makes him special to me. His determination and dedication. And despite what some fans think, he’s a bloody good footballer as well.




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