Derby 3 Forest 0


December 12, 2016 by notjustpumpkinbread


To (m)Ince


– walk with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner.

There are some that are able to act with decorum in victory.

To (m)Ince isn’t one of them.

Apparently, our Henri may not have fancied it.


I very much doubt that.

Benny took to Social Media, apologising for getting caught up in the moment.


Lam provided enough material for every budding comedian to come up with enough Sunday lunch jokes/puns to last a lifetime.

And I’m still unconvinced by Kasami. (I’m being polite!) When given the opportunity to shoot/ head at goal, his attempts could only be described as apologetic. That’s as much positivity as I can muster when writing about his performance.

The Lord scored a cracking far post header – but somebody forgot to tell him he really must do that sort of thing at the other end of the pitch. He fancied a brace though, with just the crossbar denying him his wish.

Our injured full-back dilemma continued with Matty Cash being called upon once again to fill in, while Carayol – Henri’s last-minute replacement – was finally substituted to enable him to warm-up.

If – on the 18th November – I’d have been offered 9 points from the next 12, I’d have ripped your arm off. That doesn’t make this defeat any easier to take, but that’s the only solace I can provide at the moment.

It’s Preston at home on Wednesday. They’ve won 3 of their 9 games away from home this season, scoring 11 goals in the process. Make of that what you will.



One thought on “Derby 3 Forest 0

  1. Steve Allcock says:

    Lam – out of his depth
    Kassami – gutless
    Bendtner – spineless
    Carrol – simply hopeless
    Cash – gave 100% but let down by his supposed team mates
    Osborne – 100%er MOM
    Lichaj and Mancienne – two of only 4 starters who came
    out of the game with any credit
    Overall shameful performance!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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