This is what it’s come to…


January 15, 2017 by notjustpumpkinbread


I haven’t written anything since the “iPro debacle”.

And we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

We’ve played 6 league games and a cup game since then.

I’ve been to 3 of them and if the Cup game were played at home I’d have gone to that one as well. But it’s becoming more and difficult to write what I’d like to write about our team. There’s only so many times someone will want to read about how much I rate Benny and how good I think Matty Cash is and can be. (Let’s be honest, aside from the Academy – and Eric – there’s little to shout about).

Other than that, the apathy sets in. Once that gets a hold, it can feel like a long journey back.

Even now, I’m sitting in front of my screen wondering what else to say. Apathetic tendencies have rendered me virtually mute!

I’d only be going over old ground.

Stuff that’s been churned over so often in the past few days it seems pointless to make anybody read about it again. If you’re a Forest fan reading this, you know it all already. (If you’re not, what the hell are you doing with your Sunday?)

Maybe that’s what I want to say.

The general malaise that’s endemic among Forest supporters at the moment.

I look at my Twitter timeline and more & more often I read another 140 characters conveying a message of defeat. Of utter despair at the current situation. The need to stay away and not return until Al-Hasawi leaves.

It’s tragic.

What have we become?

What has Al-Hasawi made of us?

This beacon of togetherness within a Community is having the life squeezed from it.

Yes, there is the NFFC Supporters Trust. The clamour for registration in the wake of the failed takeover would, I imagine, have bolstered the numbers beyond even their wildest dreams. A place for supporters to gain a collective voice to safeguard the future of the club.

Hopefully, once the Trust gain full legitimacy, they will attain full recognition from the current regime. Only then, with open dialogue between both parties, will they be able to convey our concerns and gain answers to the many questions we have.

Until that time, statements can be made and questions can be asked; but there has been neither hide nor hair of our owner present in Nottingham (in a public capacity at least) to provide the necessary answers.

And why would we think that could ever change?

Therein lies the crux of the matter.

We are a hollow and empty club. Literally.

No person on the front line – on a day-to-day basis – to answer even the most rudimentary of questions; to perform the most rudimentary of tasks.

Our lines of communication come from the official club website or via the FAH Twitter account. We see the odd crocodile-tear filled interview with everyone’s favourite East Midlands sports correspondent, but there will be no fronting up, thank you very much. Those seats  in the Director’s Box are now covered, and no-one can sit there!

In fairness, I see defiance as well. That’s on Twitter too. A call to arms for direct action to force change. For me, that’s not a pleasant aspect of support, but I get it. And more power to you for wanting to express yourself in such a manner – as long as you’re not breaking any laws of course. It’s just not in my nature.

It’s sad.

I’m sad.

For all M. Montanier’s deficiencies, he seemed to be a really nice guy. Ushered in with a Director of Football by a potential new owner – which never transpired – he was given an impossible task with inferior players.

His support for the Academy was truly delightful; the support given to him by his employer was truly disgraceful.

Yet he endured and fronted up in times of despair. An honourable man to the end, I wish him every success wherever he finds himself in the future.

Another good guy laid to waste.

And so the suffering continues.

We have two weeks left of the transfer window and an owner who may not want to put another penny into the club.

Selling the likes of Henri, Britt, Benny, Cash and Brereton is too much of a disaster to contemplate. But it wouldn’t be surprising. Appointing another hamstrung manager/ coach and expecting Championship survival would be just another name on a very long list; and just another impossible task to undertake in an already impossible situation for any potential incumbent.

We can but wait.

And hope.

Apathy can be a terrible thing. We all have “stuff“that goes on in our lives and as football supporters we look to our club for respite. That’s the part of the Community collective that makes it worthwhile.


Supporting is a pastime.

Our owner may do well to familiarise himself with some of the words associated with this.

It’s not about ego; or self-aggrandisement. It’s about the greater good. Serving the Community collective. Making at least part of our lives (for some) more enjoyable.

We are the Forest Faithful.

We will endure.

Because, at the moment, we have to.

Life … is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

William Shakespeare, Macbeth


One thought on “This is what it’s come to…

  1. says:

    I’m not seeing apathy as much as anger. Most reds are searching for a way to get rid of this idiot.Next weeks protest at the back of the Main Stand will just be the start.

    Of course the moron will not be there. If he came anywhere near the City Ground there is a good chance that would be the last thing he would ever do. But the media will be and that’s important.

    As I understand it, his family back in Kuwait are the only people who have any influence over him. He is the ultimate spoilt Mummy’s boy. If the media can broadcast his embarrassing incompetence they might just step in.

    Sadly, whilst you rightfully advise protesters not to break the law, we all know you get a lot more column inches when an effigy goes up in flames or a few windows go in. Such is life.

    According to the media, he borrowed £2.2 million from Moores to pay December’s wages. Moores wants it back. They key question has to be, how is he going to pay January’s wages?

    Lansbury? February’s wages – Britt? Osborne? Brereton?

    Lets face it, he’s potless. We must be very close to administration and I for one think that could be our best way forward.

    If Moores is still interested he could pick up the club for nothing more than taking on the debts and the imbecile would depart with nothing.

    It would almost certainly cost us a points deduction and relegation but offers a chance of a new start with a hopefully competent and solvent owner.

    Come May, I for one am not keen on putting my £400 into his back pocket but that does not mean I’m apathetic. As a supporter you have to up for the fight. Usually its against other teams but this time its against our idiot owner.

    We’ll do whatever it takes but the end result will be that Forest survives and Al-feckwit will be a forgotten footnote in our illustrious history.

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