Life after Britt?


July 19, 2017 by notjustpumpkinbread

The official Premier League prize money list for the 2016/17 season will show you that Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland received £97.34 million, £98.82 million and £93.47 million respectively.

And then there are the parachute payments…

Each of these clubs will receive £47 million for the 2017/18 season and £38 million in 2018/19. In the case of Sunderland (because they were a Premier League team for more than one season), they will also receive £17 million in 2019/20.

This is on the assumption none will be promoted in the next 3 years.


These parachute payments have increased from previous seasons, but there’s still Aston Villa (£40.9m), Newcastle (£40.9m), Norwich (£40.9m), QPR (£31.1m), Cardiff (£16.2m), Fulham (£16.2m), Reading (£16.2m) and Wigan (£16.2m) who received payments last season.

So when a cash-rich club offers your first choice striker a staggering wage increase (and the proposition of fast-tracked Premier League football) how can you possibly compete?

And why would you want to?

After 5 years of financial ineptitude, we are a club that requires level heads, a firm financial footing and a stable squad before we can think about using them as a spring-board for potential success. If a player’s head has been turned by a lucrative offer, so be it. I could go down the “he owes us a year after his injury” thing, but what does it matter? He doesn’t want to play for us any more. And do I care? Not really. Had it not been for the half-dozen games at the end of last season where it looked like Britt actually gave a shit, we’d all be welcoming that £14m with open arms.

£14 million for a player who cost us £5-ish million. Who has suffered a near career ending injury. Yes thanks. We’ll move on. I’d rather have Ben Brereton than Britt.

Some players want to play for the badge, and others just see it a stepping stone to perceived improvement. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes they come back – Webb, Hodge, Walker, Reid, Jenas, Prutton (albeit the last 2 were loans) – sometimes they wished they’d never left – Collymore. (I’d add Michael Dawson to the list of “sometimes they come back” but maybe that’s just a pipe dream).

And so is the life cycle of a football club.

We are no different.

The ones that stay. Those are the ones that matter.

And for those that trumpet this as a lack of ambition from the ownership? Well, there are no words to respond to that. Some may well point to Mr Marinakis as “doing a Fawaz” when it comes to selling our “best” player and giving the ground a lick of paint to make it look shiny. I’d counter that with it being the first steps towards financial stability and refurbishing our ground where it needs it. Having 2 shiny big screens installed and little else isn’t really the same as giving the ground a much-needed clean & polish, upgrading the turnstiles to a modern bar code/ season card entry system and refurbishing the player’s changing rooms.

As for the current crop of players who will don the Garibaldi this season, I have nothing but faith in them. Yes, it’s pretty much the same squad that survived last season by goal difference alone, but that was under 3 different managerial setups, and included a whole swathe of loanees.

Club building. That’s what the current regime are all about.

From Messrs. McParland, Warburton and Weir creating a stable & capable squad of players to Messrs. Brazil, Lester and Holmes developing new and exciting young footballers to Messrs, Marinakis, Kominakis and Randall and Ms. Gordon establishing a stable football club with strong community ties.

The future IS bright. The future IS Garibaldi.


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  1. Steve Allcock says:

    Nice post Sean.See you in a couple of weeks.

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