Forest 1 Wolves 2

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September 18, 2017 by notjustpumpkinbread

If you’re looking for an informed opinion about our defeat at the hands of Wolves, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. You’ll find that over at Give the link a click and you won’t be disappointed.


…coerced into the prospect of a piping hot bath with my lovely wife, I didn’t give the #redblue clash a second’s thought.

Could you just flip the immersion on for 10 minutes to top up the hot water?” she asked.

Except it wasn’t 10 minutes. For my wife has little patience – for stuff like that anyway.

It’s not very hot,” she proffers, as I begin my immersion into the bubbly realms.

I think you could describe the temperature of the water as adequate.

My wife likes having a bath with me because there are no electronic devices to cause distraction. It gives us the opportunity to talk about “important” stuff.

Although in this instance, the tepid nature of this particular encounter was indeed a hot topic. But it’s all just a bit of fun. We faux argue about stupid shit and it makes my wife laugh. She thinks I’m funny – goodness knows why! But to make her laugh fills my heart with warmth. It’s just a shame that warmth didn’t extend to raising the temperature of our watery vessel.

I’d concluded that my time spent “enjoying” a tepid bath would have been more constructive had I watched the first 20 minutes of the Chelsea/ Arsenal clash. I tell my wife that not knowing the score meant I’d missed one of the following scenarios:

Chelsea were already 3 goals to the good. Stan Kroenke – watching the game from a private box somewhere, seated in his rich Corinthian leather (I’m aware of the reference) armchair – raises his index finger. In a rather theatrical manner, it follows the line of a bell curve – although less mathematically significant – and finishes on a large, red, illuminated button. Circling above Stamford Bridge at an altitude of 15,000 feet, the rear cargo door of a C-130 opens and half a dozen Navy SEALS free-fall into SW6 airspace. They are the harbingers of Wenger’s doom. He is manhandled from the dug-out and we witness the first ever sacking of a manger live on the telly WHILE A GAME IS STILL BEING PLAYED!


Arsenal are 2 up and David Luis has been sent off for a stupid challenge. Roman Abramovich – seated in his usual spot, venetian blinds behind him so we can’t see who is being wined and dined by this articular Russian oligarch – prods, Stalin-esque, at a panel in front of him. Circling above Stamford Bridge at 20,000 feet (so as to avoid the C-130 at a lower altitude), the rear cargo door of the Antonov An-225 opens and a swath of ninjas descend into the stadium. They approach Conte, providing him with the requisite tools to perform Seppuku in the technical area. It is later to be told that those close to Conte heard his whisper “Of all the teams, it had to Arsenal!” as he slumped forward.

Alas, t’was not to be. These two teams who reside in the super-rich atmosphere of “top tier” football could still be playing now and not have scored a goal!

But don’t let Sky tell you anything other than how significant – in some way – this result is.

This was first broadcast in 2008, but is as relevant now as it was then.

I’d rather be watching Forest than that dross.

The Premier League is a division of teams that have money and teams that have more money. And the Championship is kind of becoming the same – although in this particular case, it’s teams with money and teams without money. Whether that’s parachute payments or super-rich owners, there’s a definite divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Take Wolves for example.

They’ve got a manger that – on paper – has no right to be successful in his first season in charge, if you’re basing that opinion on whether he’s familiar with the league or not. Or in this case, with “English football” – whatever that means. But being parachuted in with a “super-agent” at his shoulder and money to burn (or so it seems) has given them the upper hand.

I thought we shaded the first half, but lapses in concentration were our undoing, just as they were against Sheffield Wednesday.

Am I happy with how we’re doing so far? Yes I am. I can see an improvement since the beginning of the season. We’re not world-beaters, but I think we’ll be ok.

I’ve seen on Social Media the suggestion that we’re no better than the team from last season. Well…

Smith is better than Stojkovic.

Bridcutt is better than Lam.

Bouchalakis is better than Kasami.

Dowell is better than Lansbury.

McKay is better than Pereira.

Cummings is better than Dumitru.

Murphy is better than Bendtner.

Would I have liked to see us bolster the back line with a new defender? In all honesty, yes. But we’ve got what we’ve got, and in Joe Worrall we’ve got something special. The likes of Hobbs, Mills, Fox (who’s a better centre half than left back) and Mancienne are no mugs.

And as for the manager, well, there’s always Steve Bruce? Simon Grayson? Harry Redknapp? Neil Warnock? Mick McCarthy? Billy Davies? Ian Holloway? Paul Lambert? Owen Coyle? Nigel Pearson? Steve Evans? Would you really want any of those? If the answer is yes, you’re deluded.

What we have, in this short period of recovery from “intensive care” is a basis for sustainability. Level heads will prevail. Warburton is our man and I’m very happy that he is.

What you have to understand is, there are teams who are better than us in this division. One day, through the foundations that are being set right now, we will become one of those teams who are better than most of the teams in our division. But that won’t happen overnight. We’ve waited 5 years to get to this point. Beyond the toxicity of last season and into the rarefied atmosphere of sensible, inclusive ownership and professionalism in running the club.

I don’t know about you, but that is enough to make me happy about our club and the direction we are taking.



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