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I’m Home Counties born-&-bred. The two closest clubs to where my parents lived were Spurs and Arsenal. My Grandad was a Spurs fan, my Dad is a Spurs fan, but neither of them (thankfully) pushed me in that particular direction. So why Forest?

My brother is a year older than me and we pretty much “followed” football and “liked” all the best performing teams of the time. We’d get the Shoot Magazine League wall charts – you know, the ones with the tabs so you could move each team up or down their respective league as the season progressed – and watched Grandstand and World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon. Come 5 o’clock, we’d be sitting with our Grandad as he listened to the classified results as he checked his pools coupon.

We liked football. And we “followed” teams.

We’d watch the Cup finals – both League and FA. And I vividly remember my Dad telling me (and I’d like to say my brother, but my memory isn’t that good) that I/ we had to pick a team, rather than follow four or five.

That was the end of the 1978/79 season and Forest had just won the League Cup and European Cup and finished 2nd in the League, while Arsenal had picked up the FA Cup. So being the glory hunters that any 9/ 10-year-old would be, I chose Forest and my brother plumped for Arsenal. Simple. Over the intervening 36 years, I don’t think my brother truly appreciates how good he’s had it. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.



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